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INAV: Navigation-enabled flight control software
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INAV - navigation capable flight controller

INAV Travis CI status


  • Outstanding navigation performance out of the box
  • Position Hold, Altitude Hold, Return To Home and Missions
  • Excellent support for fixed wing UAVs: airplanes, flying wings
  • Pitot tube support
  • Rangefinder support (sonar and laser)
  • Oneshot and Multishot ESC support.
  • Blackbox flight recorder logging (to onboard flash or external SD card).
  • Lux's new PID (uses float values internally, resistant to looptime variation).
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth configuration and OSD.
  • LTM Telemetry.
  • Smartport Telemetry.
  • RSSI via ADC - Uses ADC to read PWM RSSI signals, tested with FrSky D4R-II and X8R.
  • OLED Displays - Display information on: Battery voltage, profile, rate profile, version, sensors, RC, etc.
  • In-flight manual PID tuning and rate adjustment.
  • Rate profiles and in-flight selection of them.
  • Multiple simultaneous telemetry providers.
  • Configurable serial ports for Serial RX, Telemetry, MSP, GPS - Use most devices on any port, softserial too.
  • Multi-color RGB LED Strip support (each LED can be a different color using variable length WS2811 Addressable RGB strips - use for Orientation Indicators, Low Battery Warning, Flight Mode Status, etc)
  • PIDs from CF/BF can be used in INAV, no need to retune for INAV
  • And many more!

For a list of features, changes and some discussion please review consult the releases page and the documentation.


INAV Configurator

Official tool for INAV can be downloaded here. It can be run on Windows, MacOS and Linux machines and standalone application.

INAV Blackbox Explorer

Tool for Blackbox logs analysis is available here

Telemetry screen for OpenTX

Users of FrSky Taranis X9 and Q X7 can use INAV Lua Telemetry screen created by @teckel12 . Software and installation instruction are available here:



Documentation, support and learning resources


Contributions are welcome and encouraged. You can contribute in many ways:

  • Documentation updates and corrections.
  • How-To guides - received help? help others!
  • Bug fixes.
  • New features.
  • Telling us your ideas and suggestions.
  • Buying your hardware from this link

A good place to start is Telegram channel or Facebook group. Drop in, say hi.

Github issue tracker is a good place to search for existing issues or report a new bug/feature request:

Before creating new issues please check to see if there is an existing one, search first otherwise you waste peoples time when they could be coding instead!


Please refer to the development section in the docs/development folder.

INAV Releases

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