INAV 1.5

@digitalentity digitalentity released this Dec 31, 2016 · 2469 commits to master since this release

This version has some significant differences from 1.4, please read the release notes carefully and upgrade INAV Configurator available at Chrome Store.

INAV is and will remain open-source and free, but if you are more than welcome to support the development.

This release was supported by our awesome sponsors, Airbot and Ledge team.

Sensor hardware configuration is now mandatory

For better robustness sensor autodetection is no longer done each boot. Instead user should explicitly configure sensor hardware on Configuration tab. User still may chose AUTO, on first boot firmware will perform autodetection and switch to first detected sensor (if any).

Hardware failure detection & arming prevention

INAV now tests if all configured sensors are available and won't allow you to arm if any of the following is true:

  • CPU is overloaded
  • UAV not level (aka small_angle)
  • Run-time sensor calibration is not finished (covers GYRO and BARO)
  • One of the sensors is configured, but not detected or not working properly
  • Compass sensor is present, but not calibrated
  • Accelerometer is present, but not calibrated
  • Navigation is unsafe (no GPS lock, aka nav_extra_arming_safety)

Hardware failure is indicated by LED_STRIP (blue/black pattern) or beeper (fast beeps).

OSD support

Targets with onboard OSD now work properly. This is a direct port of Betaflight code and not all of the required information is displayed yet (i.e. no GPS coordinates), but that's a work in progress.

Target/feature support

  • New target - QUANTON/COLIBRI
  • CC3D_OPBL is no longer supported due to memory limitation

More new features and improvements

  • Used tightly-coupled memory on CPUs that support it (it's an area of memory that is faster than common RAM, it also frees up common RAM for other tasks)
  • New target - COLIBRI/QUANTON
  • Fix missing consumed mAh reporting in LTM telemetry
  • Completely new I2C driver stack - more robust, less prone to errors
  • Option to specify time of good RC link for switching out from Stage 2 failsafe
  • It's now possible to specify if RTH should fly home right away or reach the safe altitude first (see nav_rth_climb_first CLI parameter)
  • Launching a flying wing by throwing it by the wing-tip (known as swing-launch in INAV) is now correctly detected by launch assistant
  • CLI now uses sensor names instead of numbers for acc_hardware, mag_hardware etc
  • Servo autotrim feature for airplanes - ability to calculate and record servo neutral position when flying in stabilised modes
  • SoftSerial is now supported on AIRBOTF4 target
  • Moved PPM input to pin 3 of RC connector on AIRHEROF3 target to keep compatibilty with Betaflight and earler setups


  • Occasional non-detection of built-in SPRacingF3 EVO compass
  • Initial work done to solve the time overflow occurring at 72nd minute of operation. Issue is not completely solved yet.
  • Fix a bug with coarse stick resolution in ACRO mode resulting in inability to make fine corrections (known as "deadband even when deadband = 0 issue")
  • Fix UART3/I2C sharing issues on some targets
  • Fix non-working UART5 on targets that support it
  • Baro and GPS co-existance issue is now completely solved - baro is preferred when available
  • Fix bug that allowed the MSP-aware OSD or GCS to reboot the flight controller in flight
  • Tricopter mix made functional on AIRBOTF4 and OMNIBUS
  • Failsafe stage 1 now defaults to "hold" on throttle channel to suite INAV better
  • Fix documentation for AIRHEROF3 target
  • Fix bug in PWM receiver code that may cause failse failsafe triggering
  • Fix a bug that caused failsafe Stage 1 "hold" values to be ignored on flight channels if Stage 2 is disabled
  • Bugfix for possible arming directly into Stage 2 failsafe procedure
  • Fix buffer overflow in VCP driver that may cause corrupt blackbox downloads
  • Fix a bug that allowed HOME position to be altered by MSP command in flight without explicit permission from pilot
  • Lots of smaller bugfixes

Known bugs

  • CC3D target doesn't work

Thanks to all who participated in improving the code and put their vehicles at risk testing new features!

Happy New Year to all pilots!
Fly safe!