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Please read the release notes carefully and upgrade INAV Configurator available at Chrome Store.

INAV is and will remain open-source and free, but you are more than welcome to support the development.

This release was supported by our awesome sponsors CarbonBird.com, Airbot and ADPM Drones.

Known bugs

  • CRITICAL: Motors don't work on MatekF405 target, not usable yet (binary removed)
  • HEX6X mixer not available

CLI parameter renaming / new parameters

New parameters have been introduced. Some CLI parameters were renamed to support new features or to better reflect their meaning:

Old name New name(s)
inav_max_sonar_altitude inav_max_surface_altitude
inav_w_z_sonar_p inav_w_z_surface_p
inav_w_z_sonar_v inav_w_z_surface_v
- vbat_adc_channel
- rssi_adc_channel
- current_adc_channel
- airspeed_adc_channel
- acc_notch_hz
- acc_notch_cutoff
- nav_fw_land_dive_angle
- eleres_freq
- eleres_telemetry_en
- eleres_telemetry_power
- eleres_loc_en
- eleres_loc_power
- eleres_loc_delay
- eleres_signature
- stats
- stats_total_time
- stats_total_dist

Changed servo mixer output scaling

Servo speed now works as expected (defined in pwm_us per second). Servo mixer now does actual scaling between min/max values which allows asymmetric servo travel (useful on airplanes).

WARNING: Previous PID tuning may be irrelevant now on some airplane setups (especially flying wings). Use caution and verify that tuning is good.

CLI smix command new syntax

New syntax for smix command is:


MIN and MAX were removed as they were indeed ignored.

If you are using custom mixer you will need to change it to fit new synax

ADC channel assignment

Most modern boards have several analog inputs - usually used for VBAT sensing, Current sensing and RSSI. Until now these pins assigned their functions by board designer and firmware developer - if ADC pin was designated as "RSSI input" it was impossible to use it for something else.

This release changes the rules - now ADC inputs are called "channels" and their functionality is defined by a set of CLI variables vbat_adc_channel, rssi_adc_channel, current_adc_channel, airspeed_adc_channel. It's now up to user how analog inputs are used.

ADC airspeed sensor support

This release finaly adds support for an inexpensive analog airspeed sensor based on MPXV7002DP chips. This sensor is widely available as an "APM Airspeed Sensor". Using one of available analog inputs as airspeed sensor input (by assigning a channel to airspeed_adc_channel variable) it's possible to use this sensor in INAV. While airspeed isn't currently used for anything but logging, future releases will change that.

New boards

  • MATEKF405 board
  • SPRACINGF3 NEO board - not well tested, use caution
  • BEEROTORF4 target - not well tested, use cation
  • OMNIBUSF4V3 target - suited for both v3 and v4 hardware revisions
  • Alienflight F7 board

New features

  • Improved landing procedure for airplanes. Still acts more like a controlled crash, but does the touchdown in a much more gentle way now.
  • eLeReS support for KFC board
  • Enable GPS on LUX target
  • Flight statistics (odometer) - a feature to accumulate total flight hours and distance
  • Added support for baro-less ANYFC F7 board
  • Add servo support for LUX and COLIBRI_RACE targets
  • User-definable ADC channel mapping to ADC functions
  • Improved airspeed calculations to be usable for PID correction (changed to IAS instead of CAS/TAS)
  • Adds sdcard_detect_inverted setting to make detection configurable
  • Servo mixer rework to allow real output scaling
  • Accelerometer notch filter (disabled by default)
  • Add compass calibration start beep
  • Support for analog airspeed sensor, enabled on more targets now
  • Added craft name to CLI dump

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed altitude icon on OSD
  • Bug with bounce-back when doing slow yaw corrections with HEADING_HOLD enabled
  • More eavenly spread the CPU load of OSD update to make horizon drift issue less evident
  • Fix timer mapping for OMNIBUSF4PRO target - now usable on airplane
  • Fix PPM input on ANYFC F7
  • Better default configuration for FALCORE drone
  • Fix a bug with PPM IN incompatible with OS125 and above
  • Fix CC3D motor pwm rate bound to 400hz