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Something is disabled

iNav may fail to perform some action as expected, typically arming or engaging waypoints. This articles documents the reasons for some of these events.

Arming disabled reasons

iNav will refuse to arm for the following reasons:

Reason (CLI Mnemonic) Explanation
FS The RX is not recognised as providing a valid signal
ANGLE The vehicle is not level as defined by the CLI small_angle setting
CAL The pre-arm sensor calibration has not completed
OVRLD The CPU load is excessive. May be caused by too an aggressive loop time setting.
NAV Where the CLI setting nav_extra_arming_safety = ON is used, this may be caused by reasons shown in the table below
COMPASS The compass is not calibrated. Perform the calibration procedure
ACC The accelerometer is not calibrated. Perform the 6 point calibration procedure
ARMSW The arm switch was engaged as the FC booted
HWFAIL A required hardware device has failed / is not recognised (e.g. GPS, Compass, Baro)
BOXFS A failsafe switch is engaged
KILLSW A kill switch is engaged
RX The RC link is not detected (RX not detected)
THR The throttle setting is not a minimum
CLI The CLI is active
CMS The CMS menu is active
OSD The OSD menu is active
ROLL/PITCH Roll and/or pitch is not centred
AUTOTRIM Servo autotrim is engaged
OOM The FC is out of memory
SETTINGFAIL A CLI setting is out of range. The erroneous setting should be indicated in a CLI dump. If you can't then reset the offending setting, reflash with full chip erase and reapplying settings from scratch may help.

Navigation Unsafe reasons

Requires that a navigation mode (which includes failsafe RTH) is configured

Navigation Unsafe
The GPS has insufficient satellites (this is checked even if you disable GPS, but have a NAV mode configured in Modes tab)
A navigation switch is engaged (e.g.PH, WP, RTH)
First WP distance exceeded
Satellite quality is unacceptable: EPH/EPV > 10m (note the limit in the CLI inav_max_eph_epv is in cm, default 1000)
  • The first waypoint is beyond the distance defined by the CLI setting nav_wp_safe_distance. The default is 100m (10000cm, as the value is entered in cm).

     # get nav_wp_safe_distance
     nav_wp_safe_distance = 10000
     Allowed range: 0 - 65000

Waypoints will not execute

The pilot thinks that they have loaded a waypoint mission, but the mission will not execute when the assigned switch is engaged.

  • No mission is actually loaded into the FC. Note that waypints have to be in volatile memory (that is cleared on powercycle), not in EEPROM. If waypoints have been saved to EEPROM it is necessary to restore the WPs to volatile memory before the mission can be executed.

  • The Fixed Wing aircraft is in MANUAL / PASSTHROUGH mode.

  • The craft is currently executing RTH

RTH fails to engage

  • The GPS signal is degraded (eph / epv exceed, CLI setting inav_max_eph_epv)


Diagnosing arming failure and WP execution failure often requires the use of a tool external to the FC; the following may help:

  • The iNav configurator displays reasons for arming failure

  • A blackbox log provides post event diagnostics

  • The iNav CLI (available from a terminal, the configurator and many ground-stations) displays arming disabled reasons:

     # status
     Arming disabled flags: NAV HWFAIL RX CLI
  • A ground station may provide diagnostics, for example mwp provides an 'Arming Disabled' alert icon with 'popover' description / explanation, mission upload validation checks and 'first WP distance' exceeded warnings.

  • Video explanation via https://quadmeup.com/troubleshooting-inav-why-inav-is-not-arming/

  • Your favourite diagnostic tool / technique goes here


For 'Navigation is unsafe', you may, of course set nav_extra_arming_safety = OFF; however there is a clue is in the name.

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