Flight modes

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List of all flight modes in iNav

The default flight mode is RATE (also sometimes called ACRO), this is activated when none of the actual flight modes are turned on. This provides stabilisation without self-levelling.

Actual flight modes

Mode name Description
ANGLE Stabilized mode with self levelling and restricted banking angles
HORIZON Stabilized mode with self levelling but without restricted banking angles
NAV POSHOLD Used to hold position in 3D space with GPS. With INAV < 2.0.0 combine with ALTHOLD to get 3D position lock
NAV CRUISE Used on Fixed Wing aircraft to keep current heading. Combine with ALTHOLD to get 3D CRUISE
NAV RTH Used for Return-to-home. Does not need any other mode selected.
NAV WP Used to fly WAYPOINT mission. Does not need any other mode selected.
MANUAL Used with fixed-wings to control everything manually. ( Direct servo control ). Was called PASSTHROUGH mode up to version 1.8.1

Flight modes that alter behaviour in combination with one of the above

Mode name Description
NAV ALTHOLD Used to hold altitude. recommend to use in combination with angle mode or nav poshold
TURN ASSIST Makes copter do Yaw turns on parallel to the ground plane regardless of tilt.
AIR MODE Keeps PID controller active at zero throttle
SURFACE Used to follow terrain, needs a rangefinder ( example sonar ). Not implemented properly and should not be used.
HEADING HOLD Holds current heading using yaw rotation (rudder). Can be used with and without compass.
HEADFREE Head Free - When enabled yaw has no effect on pitch/roll inputs
HEADADJ Heading Adjust - Sets a new yaw origin for HEADFREE mode

Modes that can be enabled to activate function or other features.

Mode name Description
ARM Used to switch arm aircraft
CAMSTAB CAMera STABilisation. Used to stabilize SERVO GIMBAL outputs
BEEPER Used to activate beeper
OSD SW Turns on and off OSD overlay
TELEMETRY Normally telemetry is always enabled, using this mode allows you to turn telemetry on and off at will
BLACKBOX Normally blackbox is logging as soon as you arm, using this mode blackbox will only log flight data when the mode is active. )
FAILSAFE Used to manually initiate FAILSAFE
HOME RESET Used to set a new home position at the current aircraft position.
GCS NAV Used to allow ground station to control aircraft to do stuff like Follow me
FLAPERON Used to activate flaperons on fixed-wing aircraft.
NAV LAUNCH Used to detect and automatic launch fixed-wing aircraft.
SERVO AUTOTRIM Used to trim midpoint for servos to maintain straight flight
AUTOTUNE Automatically tune fixed-wing PIFF gains.
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