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INAV blackbox variables

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Blackbox is a valuable tool for analyzing the flight dynamics of our airborne vehicles and as such it can be useful for troubleshooting and debugging purposes.

In INAV we use a set of specific variables, each variable may contain multiple arrays, for example - navPos[0-2].

navPos, navVel, navTgtPos and navTgtVel each hold arrays [0-2], which represent distances due North [0], due East [1] and straight Up [2], all relative to the "point of origin". North and East are fused from accelerometer and GPS data, while Up is fused from accelerometer + barometer for multicopters and accelerometer + gps for airplanes if no barometer is available. Read the Inertial position estimator page for detailed explanation.

"Point of origin" might be different from "Home". "Home" is defined as position at the time of arming. While "Point of origin" is recorded after a valid GPS fix is aquired.

For further information about the coordinate system used please read the Coordinate systems page.

#INAV Variables

Variables listed below with a short description of each:

  • navMode (navState in newer code): current mode of operation from INAV's point of view. Might be different from flight mode. Meaning vary by version, but navMode=0 and navState=1 means idle.

  • navFlags: binary flags of INAV internal state: new data availability for altitude, position and heading, validity of altitude, surface distance and position, flags to indicate if pilot is adjusting altitude and position via rc input.

  • navTgtPos: represents the desired position as used/calculated by INAV. When you are in PH, navTgtPos will be set to hold position coordinates.

  • navPos: array of latest NEU coordinates as provided by inertial estimator. Will be slightly different from GPS/baro readings for 99% of time. Units - cm.

  • navVel: same as navPos, but for estimated velocity. Units - cm/s

  • navTgtVel: represents the desired velocity as used/calculated by INAV. When you are in PH, navTgtVel will be set to calculated desired velocity to reach the target position.

  • navDebug: as the name suggests it is used for debugging. Meaning of these values differ all the time depending on what part of the code is currently being debugged.

Blackbox can log data either via serial port or into internal dataflash. In order to log the data into the internal flash at the moment is possible via CLI: set blackbox_device = SPIFLASH # instead of SERIAL set blackbox_rate_num = 1 set blackbox_rate_denom = 2 This will make it work and store every second value.

INAV Logging Intervals

Blackbox logs several types of frames - flight behaviour is written using I- and P-frames. I-frames are fairly big and contain absolute values, P-frames are delta-encoded to save space. Blackbox denominator only reduces P-frame rate, the I-frame rate is constant.

Originally I-frames were logged every 32 iterations, P-frame is logged every blackbox_rate_denom after I-frame. This doesn't give you exactly 1 / blackbox_rate_denom rate, i.e. for 1/16 - 1/31 rates it's going to be c. 16 iterations between frames on average.

For INAV 1.6 and later, the I-frame interval is set dynamically at 1/32, 1/64, 1/128 and 1/256 based on the blackbox_rate_denom chosen.

For example, if a blackbox_rate_denom of 50 is used, INav will select 64 as the I-frame interval, meaning c. 1/32 actual logging rate.

Explanation of all the parameters

Name of field in txt file Name in Blackbox Log Viewer Explanation . ..
loopIteration not used counter from main loop
time (us) x-axis of diagram real time in micoseconds
axisRate[0] gyros[roll] (.. deg/s) rotation rate roll deg/sec
axisRate[1] gyros[pitch] (.. deg/s) rotation rate pitch deg/sec
axisRate[2] gyros[yaw] (.. deg/s) rotation rate yaw deg/sec
axisP[0] PID_P[roll] PID controller roll P
axisP[1] PID_P[pitch] PID controller pitch P
axisP[2] PID_P[yaw] PID controller yaw P
axisI[0] PID_I[roll] PID controller roll I
axisI[1] PID_I[pitch] PID controller pitch I
axisI[2] PID_I[yaw] PID controller yaw I
axisD[0] PID_D[roll] PID controller roll D
axisD[1] PID_D[pitch] PID controller pitch D
axisD[2] PID_D[yaw] PID controller yaw D
mcPosAxisP[0] mcPosAxisP[0] multicopter position north cm
mcPosAxisP[1] mcPosAxisP[1] multicopter position east cm
mcPosAxisP[2] mcPosAxisP[2] multicopter position vertical cm
mcVelAxisP[0] mcVelAxisP[0] multicopter velocity north cm/sec
mcVelAxisP[1] mcVelAxisP[1] multicopter velocity east cm/sec
mcVelAxisP[2] mcVelAxisP[2] multicopter velocity vertical cm/sec
mcVelAxisI[0] mcVelAxisI[0] multicopter velocity north cm/sec
mcVelAxisI[1] mcVelAxisI[1] multicopter velocity east cm/sec
mcVelAxisI[2] mcVelAxisI[2] multicopter velocity vertical cm/sec
mcVelAxisD[0] mcVelAxisD[0] multicopter velocity north cm/sec
mcVelAxisD[1] mcVelAxisD[1] multicopter velocity east cm/sec
mcVelAxisD[2] mcVelAxisD[2] multicopter velocity vertical cm/sec
mcVelAxisOut[0] mcVelAxisOut[0] multicopter velocity north cm/sec
mcVelAxisOut[1] mcVelAxisOut[1] multicopter velocity east cm/sec
mcVelAxisOut[2] mcVelAxisOut[2] multicopter velocity vertical cm/sec
mcSurfaceP mcSurfaceP multicopter surface mode P
mcSurfaceI mcSurfaceI multicopter surface mode I
mcSurfaceD mcSurfaceD multicopter surface mode D
mcSurfaceOut mcSurfaceOut multicopter surface mode
rcData[0] rcData[0] received rc signal roll 1000-2000 µs
rcData[1] rcData[1] received rc signal pitch 1000-2000 µs
rcData[2] rcData[2] received rc signal yaw 1000-2000 µs
rcData[3] rcData[3] received rc signal throttle 1000-2000 µs
rcCommand[0] rcCommand[0] stabilized control command roll 1000-2000 µs
rcCommand[1] rcCommand[1] stabilized control command pitch 1000-2000 µs
rcCommand[2] rcCommand[2] stabilized control command yaw 1000-2000 µs
rcCommand[3] rcCommand[3] stabilized control command throttle 1000-2000 µs
vbat vbat voltage of flight battery V
magADC[0] magADC[0] compass roll
magADC[1] magADC[1] compass pitch
magADC[2] magADC[2] compass yaw
BaroAlt (cm) BaroAlt (cm) altitude(barometer) cm
gyroADC[0] gyroADC[0] rotation(gyro) roll deg/sec
gyroADC[1] gyroADC[1] rotation(gyro) pitch deg/sec
gyroADC[2] gyroADC[2] rotation(gyro) yaw deg/sec
accSmooth[0] acc[x] acceleration north ADC * normalised 1g
accSmooth[1] acc[y] acceleration east ADC * normalised 1g
accSmooth[2] acc[z] acceleration vertical ADC * normalised 1g
attitude[0] attitude[0] heading roll 0-3600 deg/10
attitude[1] attitude[1] heading pitch 0-3600 deg/10
attitude[2] attitude[2] heading yaw 0-3600 deg/10
motor[0] motor[0] output to motor ESC 0 1000-2000 µs
motor[1] motor[1] output to motor ESC 1 1000-2000 µs
motor[2] motor[2] output to motor ESC 2 1000-2000 µs
motor[3] motor[3] output to motor ESC 3 1000-2000 µs
navState quality of GPS fix
navFlags quality of GPS fix
navEPH quality of GPS fix
navEPV quality of GPS fix
navPos[0] navPos[0] position of copter north cm
navPos[1] navPos[1] position of copter east cm
navPos[2] navPos[2] position of copter vertical cm
navVel[0] navVel[0] velocity of copter north cm/s
navVel[1] navVel[1] velocity of copter east cm/s
navVel[2] navVel[2] velocity of copter vertical cm/s
navAcc[0] navAcc[0] acceleration of copter north cm/s/s
navAcc[1] navAcc[1] acceleration of copter east cm/s/s
navAcc[2] navAcc[2] acceleration of copter vertical cm/s/s
navTgtVel[0] navTgtVel[0] target value: velocity north cm/s
navTgtVel[1] navTgtVel[1] target value: velocity east cm/s
navTgtVel[2] navTgtVel[2] target value: velocity vertical cm/s
navTgtPos[0] navTgtPos[0] target value: position north cm
navTgtPos[1] navTgtPos[1] target value: position east cm
navTgtPos[2] navTgtPos[2] target value: position vertical cm
navSurf[0] navSurf[0]
flightModeFlags (flags)
stateFlags (flags)
failsafePhase (flags)
GPS_home[0] latitude degrees
GPS_home[1] longitude degrees
GPS_fixType GPS_fixType
GPS_numSat number od sats
GPS_coord[0] latitude degrees
GPS_coord[1] longitude degrees
GPS_altitude GPS_altitude m
GPS_speed GPS_speed m/s
GPS_ground_course GPS_ground_course degrees
GPS_hdop quality of GPS fix
GPS_eph quality of GPS fix
GPS_epv quality of GPS fix
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