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iOS Goodies

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Why open sourcing?

From the very beginning our purpose was simple: create the best iOS newsletter. This, of course, is only possible by what the community gives us back. So, let me start by saying thank you, for all the great content that you have provided us. So, this begs the question: why open sourcing and why now?

For some months now, me and Tiago, have been pondering about how can we improve the newsletter. We started with the following question: How can we be sure that we don't miss any content from this excellent iOS community? Although we cover a lot of what's going on, there always some bits that we miss, either because we don't spend enough time searching (you have no idea how much is going on each week), or because the author is simply a John Doe. Both problems are fundamentally the same: we are only two guys with a limited amount of time. So Open Sourcing iOS Goodies will put it where we want it to be:

  • Give the John and Jane Does the opportunity to show off their work.
  • Present the best content to the average busy person, that doesn't have enough time to search the web.
  • Provide content faster to anyone that doesn't want to wait until Thursday.
  • Help Indie devs to showcase their apps.

Finally there is the question: why now? We feel this is the right time to do it, we think that there are a lot of people that like what we do and want to see us reach the next level, and this is only possible, from our point view, via open sourcing.

How can I contribute?

Please read our contributing guidelines and our code of conduct. 😄

We are quite happy when you share articles that you have seen here, if that happens, spread the love and mention us (@iOSGoodies)