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Atmosphere for Android

Atmosphere for Android is a tool that gives access to iPlant's
Atmosphere cloud computing platform using an Android mobile device.

See the LICENSE file included with this code.

Source code is available at:

This code requires:

 * Android SDK
   (developer uses: )

Install the Android SDK and use it to open and interact with the
code as a developer.

Non-developers and end users can download and manually install
atmodroid.apk file (found on the GitHub repository in the bin directory).

To manually install the .apk file:
 1. Download to device
 2. Use a file manager on android (Astro, etc.)
 3. Click on the .apk file and click 'Open App Manager'
 4. Install like any other android application*

* Device must allow installation of applications from unknown sources.
Settings-->Applications-->'Unknown sources'-->OK

When copying this code in to eclipse, it is common to see the following errors:
	/gen already exists but is not a source folder. Convert to a source folder or rename it. was removed! Recreating!
	Unable to open class file No such file or directory
To fix these errors:
	select Project-> Clean and clean the project
	Restart eclipse
	Delete the gen folder
	After regenerating the file, the project should compile
Use the issue tracker available from the GitHub repository at the link listed under SOURCE above. Click Issues to submit a question or report a problem.

iPlant requires all outside collaborators (those not employed by
iPlant) to sign and submit a Contributor License Agreement. Details
as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this agreement
are available at

Other steps in the process are still being created. While this message
remains, email
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