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Chinstrap is iPlant's back-end 'front-end' ui that developers to visually see data about the DE-Database, and the OSM combined.

#Features So Far

  • Day by Day job reports What was Running and When


  • Realtime view of Running and Submitted app flow.


  • Unused Apps List Private apps are not included


  • Graph of all apps ran Data represents Completed apps only


  • Integrator leaderboard, and detailed information about each integrator.


  • A page with links to the endpoints that return data.


How do I build chinstrap locally?

That's a good question, well there are several things you will need to get Chinstrap up and running locally.

  1. First of all you need to make sure you check that you have configulon and it has the file. The file should have configuration settings to connect to both the OSM (Mongo) and the DE-Database (Postgres).

  2. Use Clavin to load the file into zookeeper. The command that I've been using is:

    clavin props --host --acl ~/configulon/devs/ --file ~/configulon/devs/de-2/ -a de -e dev -d de-2

  3. If you haven't already clone chinstrap into your preferred directory.

  4. Make sure you have leiningen with the noir plugin installed, with:

    lein plugin install lein-noir 1.2.1

  5. then go into the top level of the chinstrap directory and type:

    lein run

    Wait for leiningen to download dependencies and compile Chinstrap. If it all worked it will display a jetty message with the [port #].

  6. Go to localhost:[port #] and you should see Chinstrap up and running!


  1. The list of unused apps should have a link to the wiki page for them or do a search on the forums if no wiki link has been provided.

  2. Get detailed info about a certain day on graph bubble click.


Everything is subject to change.

Created By

Roey Chasman