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PlugID is an OAuth2(Draft 28 at time of writing) server written in PHP, based on CodeIgniter 2.1.2. Writing started on the 2nd of July, 2012, during the iRail summer of code(#iSoc12). The original team of coders is:

With PlugID, users can register on your service using their accounts on various social media sites. Currently supported are Vikingspots, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Once the user gives permission, your webservice can work with the connected account(s).

Also possible is to clone this base application, write your own api in a subfolder of application/controllers and write a route towards it in the application/config/routes.php config file. From there you can load your drivers and authenticate them to do some api calls to the connected services.


PHP 5.3+

Minumum required php version installed is 5.3 . The .htaccess file is for apache2 webserver. The sql dump file is for mySQL but can be adapted for other RDBMS's.

Copyright and license

© 2012 - iRail vzw/asbl


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