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NMBS/SNCB to GTFS scraper

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Scrapes the Belgian railways and generates GTFS files for the current year.

If you're unsure what GTFS is, check the explanation at

Following traintypes are included: IC, ICE, L, P, S, TGV, THALYS, TRN and EXT

You can download a copy at:


We use the PHP package manager composer. Make sure it's installed and then run composer install from this directory. It's safe to run composer update each time you generate a new GTFS dump: the stations list is fetched over composer.

We also have a dependency for nodejs and npm. You will need this to generate the stations file.

Custom configuration

You can configure the start_date, end_date, feed_version, language and train_types of the GTFS-files by changing config.php in your favorite editor.

By default, the $TEST variable is set to true, which means that you are only going to scrape 1 day. Set this to false to scrape 3 months of data

Generating the GTFS file

There are a couple of scripts in the scripts folder. Run them in order. The scraped results will be in the dist folder.

mkdir dist

Afterwards, go to the dist folder, and create a zip archive:

cd dist/
zip *
# remove them for the next run
rm *.txt

Your NMBS/SNCB GTFS file is now ready for publishing!