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Software License Dependency Status devDependency Status Build Status is a web-application that uses data from (source code.) to create a hyper-media driven application for the Belgian railway company.

Looking for data? Check for more info


Want more features? Please do contribute by adding feature requests. Are you a developer? We accept pull requests!

Step 0: Requirements and clone

Clone the repository:

git clone

Set up your server software to pass requests to the hostname of your choice to public/index.php

Step 1: Install / Update dependencies

In order to install the dependencies you have to run: composer install

When installing this for the first time, also run this:

cp .env.example .env
php artisan key:generate

and edit your .env after your own taste (e.g., you may want to switch development mode off)

Step 2: Update bootstrap/start.php for environments

Optional, but can be useful.

Step 3: make app/storage writeable

chmod -R 777 storage

Step 4: Set up resources

  • npm install
  • bower install
  • grunt

Step 5: You're ready!

Usually you should be ready to get started by visiting the hostname you have set up. If it does not work, log an issue. We'll help you out and fix the documentation for everyone else.

In case you just want to update the stations list to the latest version, run: composer update


We hereby put this work in the public domain under a CC0 license!

Feel free to attribute us at