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iRail API / scraper
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License AGPL-3.0 Join the chat at

iRail supports digital creativity concerning mobility in Belgium. This is an attempt to make the railway time schedules in Belgium easily available for anyone.

Our main site consists of a very easy mobile website to look up time schedules using our own API.

Native applications using the iRail API and created or supported by the iRail team are named BeTrains and RailerApp.

All information can be found on our blog at

Installation for development purposes

note: you'll also need to have nodejs and composer installed on your system

  • Step 1: clone this repo
  • Step 2: composer install
  • Step 3: make sure storage is writable: chmod 777 storage
  • Step 4: Run your test server: php -S localhost:8008 -t api
  • Step 5: Enjoy your own iRail API at http://localhost:8008/connections.php?from=Gent%20Sint%20Pieters&to=Antwerp

Update stations list

Stations are updated through the irail/stations composer package. Just perform a composer update in the root of the project

More links

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