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Quick and dirty twitterbot based on API
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Source code for Twitterbot railtweet ( @railtweet )
Based on a slightly modified version of IRail-PHP-wrapper ( ) and Twitteroauth

All the magic happens in engine.php. 

 - Depedencies :

	* classes/Database.php
	* classes/StringUtils.php

	* twitteroauth.php;
	* IRail.php;

Those files are automatically included within your server include_path

 - Cronjob
The file engine.php is supposed to be run by a cronjob every minutes :
* * * * * railtweet-php/engine.php >> railtweet-php/log/tweets.log

 - Warning

For obvious reasons all credentials have been removed ( databases, Twitter API Token, shortURL service )

This small bot was just supposed to be a quick test of the iRail and Twitter API.
Don't blame me for the messy dirtyness of the code ( yet )
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