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Agile Dwarf

Thank you for your interest in AgileDwarf


Download the package from

for Redmine 2.x: unpack it into #{RAILS_ROOT}/plugins for Redmine 1.x: unpack it into #{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins

Name the unpacked folder 'AgileDwarf'

OR instead of downloading and unpacking

execute git clone in corresponding folder.

In #{RAILS_ROOT} run the command

rake redmine:plugins:migrate

Restart Redmine

Change settings for plugin via Administration -> Plugins -> Agile dwarf plugin -> Configure


Agile Dwarf plugin implements the agile method based on pre-estimating every task in hours (as opposed to in points).

It adds 3 new tabs to your Redmine:


'Sprints' is intended for strategical planning or long-term management of backlog and sprints:

  • Quick backlog issues creation
  • Flexible sprints management
  • Drag & Drop support for items between backlog and sprints
  • Short sprint and backlog stats
  • Detailed sprint stats
  • Creating/Managing/Updating sprints
  • Prioritising stories/issues


'Tasks' is for day-by-day use, every member of the team can manage his tasks quickly and efficiently:

  • Current tasks for every member grouped by status (New, In Progress, Resolved)
  • Drag & Drop support for tasks in status groups
  • Quick time and progress tracking
  • Configure AgileDwarf to use your workflow by setting the number of columns that should be displayed in the task board

Run Charts

'Run charts' is an instant overview of current project status:

  • One chart displays remaining and spent time at any point of the project lifecycle
  • You can easily switch the chart time scope (the whole projects or any given sprint) and team scope (the whole team or any member)