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Fuzzbox 0.3.1

A multi-codec media fuzzing tool.

Note: This tool is provided for historical reference, and is not being actively maintained. Feel free to fork and/or provide pull requests.

Fuzzbox creates corrupt but structurally valid sound files and optionally launches them in a player, gathering backtraces and register information. Also included is a standalone tool to reset the CRCs of Ogg-contained files after manual corruption.

NOTICE: One of the fuzzing tests tries to insert an HTTP URL to check for programs attempting to make web requests when processing files. This goes to by default. Please change this if you have privacy concerns.

The spawning/killing of the player will only work on UNIX/OSX or possibly cygwin, as there's unfortunately no simple cross-platform way to do it. It shouldn't be hard to modify for Windows, though.

For the vorbis comment header, py-vorbis is required. You will have to increase the max tag buffer size (tag_buff) in pyvorbisinfo.c before install for this to work right.

For AIFFs, WAVs, MP3s and MP4s, the included Makefile should auto-fetch and patch the appropriate files. It will need to be edited to know about your system layout and file transfer program of choice.

You should verify that the mutagen distfile matches this SHA256:

SHA256 (./mutagen-1.11.tar.gz) = f22d0570a0d7d1b3d7a54bc70471fe212bd84aaabe5ab1d0c685f2b92a85b11a


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