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The SSL Conservatory: OpenSSL Certificate Validation

This sample code demonstrates how to perform certificate validation when using the OpenSSL library to connect to an SSL/TLS server. It was tested on Windows 7, OS X and Linux.

Read The Whitepaper

Before using this code, please read the white paper "Everything you've always wanted to know about certificate validation with OpenSSL (but were afraid to ask)" available at ./everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-openssl.pdf.

OS-Specific Instructions


The code was compiled and tested on Ubuntu 11.04.

You will have to install the libssl and libcrypto development libraries and header files. In most Linux distros they are part of the "libssl-dev" package.


The code was compiled and tested on OS X Mountain Lion.

OS X comes the OpenSSL development libraries pre-installed. However, libssl has been modified by Apple to automatically use the system's trust store when validating certificate chains; this behavior cannot be changed. Therefore, specifying a trust store using SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations() will always be ignored on OS X.

Additionally, compiling the code on OS X will generate a lot of "is deprecated" warnings because Apple is migrating from OpenSSL to the Common Crypto framework.


The code was compiled using minGW and tested on Windows 7.

You will have to install minGW as well as the OpenSSL development libraries. The OpenSSL project provides a link to pre-compiled libraries for Windows at the following URL: http://www.openssl.org/related/binaries.html

If you used those binaries, here are additional instructions to compile the sample code. First add the OpenSSL headers and libraries to MinGW:

Copy <OpenSSL_Folder>/include/ to <MinGW_Folder>/include/
Copy <OpenSSL_Folder>/libeay32.dll to <MinGW_Folder>/lib/libeay32.dll
Copy <OpenSSL_Folder>/libssl32.dll to <MinGW_Folder>/lib/libssl32.dll

Then compile the test_client:

make -f Makefile_mingw