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Cool multi-function Discord Bot built with JDA and Java 8.
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There is no planned release date for the Samaritan Source Code. It's currently in Closed Beta Testing. (Beta 2.0)

Samaritan is a fancy multifunction bot for Discord ( It has first been (badly by me) done (1.0), and is now being remade clearly: 2.0. It supports things like Music, CleverBot implementation, Advanced Command System, etc. In Open Beta.

It's still In Development! Please report bugs!

Made with...

  • Discord API: JDA.
  • JDK: 8.
  • Build System: Gradle.


On your IDE:

  • Git clone the repo.
  • Import build.gradle

To run it:

  • Download the jar:
  • Run it with java -jar.
  • Configure
  • Run again.

Main Features

  • Clever Bot
  • Advanced Command System
  • Run Bash from Discord
  • Run basic JS code from Discord
  • Run brainfuck from discord
  • Show GIFs
  • Play "Find the Number"
  • Leet/Unleet messages.
  • Music (still in dev, not working perfectly)
  • Print History of messages.
  • Advanced Message Quoting system.
  • Web interface possible.
  • Access Level System for each person on each server the bot is on. This level determinates what command you can do.
  • Play Tic Tac Toe against a friend from Discord Chat.
  • Tweet something.
  • Show Uptime.
  • Show user info
  • [NEW] Pokémon Go Features (catching Pokémons, showing stats, looting pokéstops, and more!) [!!!]


  • Define admin in, can use all commands.
  • Use £help to see list of commands.

CleverBot implementation.

Samaritan implements CleverBot. To speak with Samaritan:

  • Start a private message with the bot.


You surely saw in the config things about Ui. What are those? Samaritan implements a WebSocket server, that you can enable/disable. To work with a web interface made originally by Rodrigo Graça, modified by me to receive the WebSockets. Modified UI Repo:

To install and use that:

  • Turn on and configure the WebSocket server in
  • Restart Samaritan.
  • On your website folder, put somewhere the SamaritanUI folder.
  • Configure in samaritan.js the port and the hostname.
  • Go on your website.
  • Go on discord, and execute that command: £send Hello world !
  • "HELLO" -> "WORLD" -> "!" will appear on the web interface.


Sacha "iSach" Lewin
Sacha "iSach" Lewin



Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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