Objective-C component that adds menu to the navigation bar
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Navigation Menu for iOS

Version 1.0

Navigation Menu is an Objective-C component that adds possibility to show menu from navigation bar. Inspired by Vkontakte app. Minimum iOS target is 5.0

TODO: add Pod


  • Menu item height + (float)itemCellHeight;
  • Animation duration of menu appearence + (float)animationDuration;
  • Menu substrate alpha value + (float)backgroundAlpha;
  • Menu alpha value + (float)menuAlpha;
  • Value of bounce + (float)bounceOffset;
  • Arrow image near title *+ (UIImage )arrowImage;
  • Distance between Title and arrow image + (float)arrowPadding;
  • Items color in menu *+ (UIColor )itemsColor;
  • Menu color *+ (UIColor )mainColor;
  • Item selection animation speed + (float)selectionSpeed;
  • Menu item text color *+ (UIColor )itemTextColor;
  • Selection color (will create a gradiend with provided color at the top and 35% darker in the bottom) *+ (UIColor )selectionColor;


//In your header (.h) file
#import "SINavigationMenuView.h"

@interface HAViewController : UIViewController <SINavigationMenuDelegate>


//In your implementation (.m) file
- (void)viewDidLoad
	[super viewDidLoad];
	// check if we have a navigationItem
	if (self.navigationItem) {
    	CGRect frame = CGRectMake(0.0, 0.0, 200.0, self.navigationController.navigationBar.bounds.size.height);
    	SINavigationMenuView *menu = [[SINavigationMenuView alloc] initWithFrame:frame title:@"Menu"];
    	//Set in which view we will display a menu
    	[menu displayMenuInView:self.view];
    	//Create array of items
    	menu.items = @[@"News", @"Top Articles", @"Messages"];
    	menu.delegate = self;
    	self.navigationItem.titleView = menu;

//Delegate method
- (void)didSelectItemAtIndex:(NSUInteger)index
	NSLog(@"did selected item at index %d", index);

You will need to add QuartzCore framework. This component use ARC. For cusomization see SIMenuConfiguration .h/.m files.