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Stands for Recipes-Stock-Expiration-Shopping List, or you can call it smart kitchen :)


Smart stock

  • When you check something off your shopping list, it automatically gets added to your stock
  • When you cook based on a recipe, the stock is automatically subtracted from your stock

Watch it!

  • Your ingredients remember when they were purchased and will warn you before they expire based on it's predefined durability - or you can set expiration date manually
  • Know how much you spent on food in the past month and what was the most expensive

Smart shopping

  • Define how much of what you should have at home at all times, based on two thresholds - warning, or critical, they will be suggested in your next shopping list
  • Keep your finances in check - based on your last 30 purchases of certain ingredient, you'll know how much you spent on average and if the deal in front of you is really that sweet
  • Stalk your SO while they shop, see what they've checked off as in-cart

Smart cooking

  • Filter out just what you can already make without going shopping
  • Know just how much a portion of certain meal from your recipe costs
  • Recorded history of each time a recipe has been made, would you like to make something that hasn't been made in a while, or choose your favorites?

Chose when to manage the details

  • Would you rather fill in prices and the expiration dates right in the shop, or in the fridge? Items in your shopping list can be expanded, or you can check your last purchases at home and fill in the details in front of your fridge


For now, no contributing - let me finish at least a prototype first. You can suggest features, but UX and UI come first - I want my girlfriend to use this, so nothing overly complicated, automation is the goal!

Also, feel free to review/comment everything, even if it's just a draft for now.

Development stack

I'm set on Postgres and Python for backend, most likely Flask - either a blueprint or a standalone app. Frontend... We'll see - I'll bee looking for contributors there, but not right now. Right now I'm leaning towards self-hosted, but I'm not against building a platform. First however, both feet on the ground and build the core.


Smart kitchen




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