React Native + React-Redux + Native Base + Code Push
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React Native + React-Redux + Native Base + Code Push

##Setting Up Project

  1. npm i -g rninit

  2. rninit init <new-app-name> --source react-native@0.34, this is basically "react-native init" but you can specify a version of react-native

  3. git init

  4. git add . && git commit -m "first commit"

  5. git remote add starterpack

  6. git pull starterpack

  7. git merge -s recursive -X theirs starterpack/master

  8. Change new_app_name in index.ios.js (line 5), (line 5) and package.json (line 2) file to <new-app-name>

  9. npm install

  10. code-push app add <new-app-name>

  11. react-native link, put the production code-push key from step 10 when prompted

  12. git add . && git commit -m "first production commit"

##Deploying Changes Through Code Push

  1. Make your code changes

  2. code-push release-react <new-app-name> ios --deploymentName Production, release for ios

  3. code-push release-react <new-app-name> android --deploymentName Production, release for android

Tip: if you messed up a release and want to rollback use code-push rollback <new-app-name> Production

code-push release-react command options:

code-push release-react <appName> <platform>
[--bundleName <bundleName>]
[--deploymentName <deploymentName>]
[--description <description>]
[--development <development>]
[--disabled <disabled>]
[--entryFile <entryFile>]
[--plistFile <plistFile>]
[--plistFilePrefix <plistFilePrefix>]
[--sourcemapOutput <sourcemapOutput>]
[--targetBinaryVersion <targetBinaryVersion>]
[--rollout <rolloutPercentage>]
  1. You can view your current deployment stats using code-push deployment history <new-app-name> Production

##Store Releases

If you want to release a new update of your app through the play store or app store, do the following:

  1. Make your code changes.

  2. Increment app version number in ios/<new-app-name>/Info.plist (CFBundleShortVersionString & CFBundleVersion) and android/app/build.gradle (versionCode & versionName)

  3. Build and submit your app to the store