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@jeakey jeakey released this Aug 31, 2019



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@yikfun yikfun released this Nov 13, 2017 · 24 commits to master since this release

Sparta 3.1 release!


mac :

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Sep 28, 2017


iSparta 3.0 commit

@dreampiggy dreampiggy released this Aug 30, 2017 · 29 commits to master since this release

[Performance] Change PNG to APNG convertor to process each PNG in serial order to reduce CPU usage(important)
[Performance] Increase compression ratio for PNG to APNG lossless convertor with the new method
[Fix] Revert PNG to APNG converter refactor code for lossy conversion and back to previous method, which has a better compression ratio compared to the new method
[Fix] Fix wrong error tips for APNG to Animated WebP convertor

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@dreampiggy dreampiggy released this Aug 26, 2017 · 34 commits to master since this release

[Feature] PNG to APNG converter now supports lossless and lossy compression
[Performance] Refactor PNG to APNG converter and provide high compression ratio
[Performance] Remove apngopt dependence and reduce bundle size
[Experience] Support standard window keyboard shortcut on macOS
[Experience] Error tips for PNG to APNG converter now is more human readable
[Fix] Fix a issue that caused by detecting the wrong architecture on Windows

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@dreampiggy dreampiggy released this Aug 12, 2017 · 41 commits to master since this release

[Feature] Support Linux
[Performance] Update to apngasm 2.9.1
[Performance] Update to apngopt 1.4 (Linux 1.2)
[Performance] Update to pngout 20150319
[Performance] Update to pngquant 2.10.0 (Linux 2.5.0)
[Fix] Fix a bug that always show the tips the first time you launch if the current folder is empty

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@dreampiggy dreampiggy released this Aug 1, 2017 · 54 commits to master since this release

[Feature] Support APNG to Animted WebP converter
[Feature] Support i18n for English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
[Performance] Update to nw.js 0.12.3
[Performance] Update to libwebp 0.6.0
[Performance] Update to apngopt 1.4
[Fix] Fix bug that apng convertor not check only 1 image and some tips issues
[Fix] Fix bug that imglossless convertor does not check JPEG and GIF images

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@dreampiggy dreampiggy released this Aug 2, 2017 · 70 commits to master since this release

[Feature] Add Windows setup and macOS binary
[Fix] Fix webp convertor bug
[Fix] Fix bug that unrecognize .JPG suffix files

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