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Check presence of value object on `selectionChanged` with `optionValuePath` specified

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For several reasons, mainly the lack of time for maintaining this project but also the difficulties of integrating a complex jQuery plugin into the Ember environment with all its implications, this addon should be avoided when starting new Ember applications. Please consider using or an alternative select component instead.

This addon will stay available for download and I will accept contributions from the community, but please don't expect major releases or active contributions from my side. -- Stefan

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Ember.js Wrapper for the jQuery Select2 Plugin. While not aiming for full API coverage at any cost, the actual focus is on providing a plugin that is easy to drop into an application and that plays nice with the ember specific classes.

For Demo & Docs, see the Github Page for this project.

Including Select2 in your Project

Since ember-cli 0.2.3 ember install <addon-name> now is the correct way to install an add-on.

ember install ember-select-2


I would love to see some support when extending or bugfixing this component! Please keep in mind the agena on the top of this page and discuss possible conflicts with the ember-way of things (bindings, proxies...).

Generating the Docs

After commiting changes in the examples or tests to master, you can run ./make_docs which does several things:

  • Checks out gh-pages and pulls changes from master
  • Builds ember app with github environment
  • Fixes things to make the tests work
  • Commits the generated app and pushes it to github pages
  • Switches back to original branch