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NativeUILua_Reloaded is UI library for FiveM designed specifically for making interface based on GTA:Online style. (Base source: ) | (NativeUI C# :
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Wrapper More scaling fixes May 13, 2019
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NativeUILua-Reloaded ported to C# by @manups4e.

License (custom license)

You can use this library in your own resources, you can edit this library if you want to add features. Feel free to PR them.

You can use this library in your own public using the SubModule github here is a very simple tool to use them

You can host re-releases of this library , but ONLY as a FORK created via GitHub. If it's not a forked repo, then the release will be taken down by DMCA request.

It's very simple, don't steal this library and try to take credit.

  • Following a change and for more understanding I decided to remove the fork and to dedicate a repository to this magnificent project that will be named NativeUI Reloaded , previously based on FrazzIe work.

Original code / concept

name author development status link language
NativeUILua FrazzIe Discontinued Lua
NativeUI ported to CitizenFX Guad (ported by CitizenFX) Discontinued C#
NativeUI Guad Continued C#

Special thank

Thank you for contributing to the progress and well-being of the project 🖤

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