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cfx-re-php is a library for quick use of the server APIs available on (FiveM, RedM) 🐌
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FiveM-PHP 🐌

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Pull in the project using composer: composer require itexzoz/fivem-php

  • From servers list
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromServersList()->status();
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromServersList()->get();
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromServersList()->getPlayers();
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromServersList()->getInfos();
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromServersList()->getResources();
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromServersList()->getRequest(); // GuzzleHttp
(new FiveM())->target()->fromServersList()->findPlayer(['discord', 150336961867939840]);
  • From direct connect
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromDirectConnect()->status();
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromDirectConnect()->get();
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromDirectConnect()->getPlayers();
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromDirectConnect()->getInfos();
(new FiveM())->target(['', 30130])->fromDirectConnect()->getResources();
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