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@gchoqueux gchoqueux released this May 10, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

2.10.0 (2019-05-10)

Bug Fixes

  • provider: remove the caching exception causing jittering (b7b4f26)
  • test: inverse range with wheel mouse event. (42bd1c4)


  • core: add initialization condition when union a Extent (c8c9991)
  • parser: classify polygon by clockwise. (37cf1ba)
  • parser: parse vector tile in Feature without coordinates conversion. (efa0f7e)

Code Refactoring

  • converter: In feature2Mesh, avoid transformation if altitude is zero. (745784e)
  • core: add style class. (88f959f)
  • core: use class Es6 for Builder tile and add factory of Tile. (6bbef61)
  • core: use proj4 to set ellipsoid size. (66d43ca)
  • core: use specification to set EPSG:3857 bound dimension (9b32b44)
  • parser: Class Feature (9895d3f)
  • coord: remove C.EPSG_4326 (1fdd137)
  • crs: create a CRS module (b5d81c6)
  • ellipsoid: move ellipsoidSizes from Coordinates to Ellipsoid (8739dfb)
  • extent: remove Float64Array from Extent (8319c36)


  • add the support markdown when writing JSDoc (511db53)
  • tmpl: add divider (0f467c9)
  • tmpl: add events generation for classes (f746e38)
  • tmpl: fix caption tag in examples generation (232736a)
  • tmpl: make the documentation template more readable (4b1ad40)
  • tuto: fix #1076 (ec2823f)
  • tuto: update geometry layer using sources object instead of configuration (09541a1)


  • add a new one with a multipolygon geojson (a539446)


  • parser: add test on vector Style parsing. (d7ce98e)
  • add Feature test unit. (5790ca1)
  • add test to feature2Texture and elevation processing (fa58319)
  • add unit test on gltfLoader and remove ThreeExtented from coveralls. (a5957ac)
  • add unit test on view (46b7fa1)
  • fix Errors. (f26a340)
  • source: add more tests to sources (1a55901)


  • docs: remove navigation.json file (765e381)
  • fix useless or missing conditions. (ef2e183)
  • remove deprecated config layer (f66ec37)
  • remove eslint rule 'class methods use this'. (21ffdf3)
  • build: swap functional and unit testing in npm run test (f21132a)
  • docs: remove console.log (f6c6c50)
  • update dev packages (f059a87)
  • update THREE to v103 (422d996)
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