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  1. cytoscape.js-expand-collapse

    A Cytoscape.js extension to expand/collapse nodes for better management of complexity of compound graphs

    HTML 39 10

  2. pathway-mapper

    An interactive and collaborative graphical curation tool for cancer pathways

    JavaScript 16 12

  3. newt

    A web application to visualize and edit pathway models represented in SBGN

    JavaScript 25 14

  4. cose-lat

    A tool for animation during CoSE layout to debug and improve the algorithm

    JavaScript 3 1

  5. chise.js

    A web application to visualize and edit the pathway models represented by SBGN Process Description Notation

    JavaScript 10 7

  6. cytoscape.js-grid-guide

    A Cytsocape.js extension to provide a framework for grid interactions such as grid lines and snapping to grid, and guidelines and snap support for alignment of nodes.

    JavaScript 18 2