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i-Vis at Bilkent

i-Vis Research Lab at Bilkent University


  1. PathwayMapper: An interactive and collaborative graphical curation tool for cancer pathways

    TypeScript 53 28

  2. newt Public

    A web application to visualize and edit pathway models

    JavaScript 48 24

  3. A Cytoscape.js extension to provide miscellenaous view utilities such as hiding and highlighting nodes/edges

    HTML 46 7

  4. A Cytoscape.js extension to expand/collapse nodes for better management of complexity of compound graphs

    JavaScript 120 32

  5. Miscellaneous utilities for placement of nodes or components complementary to a main layout algorithm

    TypeScript 12 6

  6. Web-service on cytoscape.js to layout graphs

    JavaScript 8 2


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