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TIF based on Android4TV solution
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Example for iWedia's TV software stack (aka Teatro 3.5) integration with Google's TV Input Framework (TIF) on Android based TV/STB

This example is designed to show how to use some basic functionalists of iWedia's Android4TV API to implement TV Input Service for Android based TV/STB device. It provides the content that comes from live broadcast over-the-air stream data provided by DVB Tuner.


This example features following TV functionalities:

  • Channels setup (scan)
  • TV and radio services
  • Electronic Programming Guide (services and programs)
  • Parental control
  • Audio and subtitle tracks switching

Example provides TV content which is consumed and presented by TIF compliant TV application. Note that this example doesn’t provide any UI/UX (except for services setup) for video playback or content browsing. That is under responsibility of TV application provided by Android TV platform.


  • Android SDK 5.0 (API level 21), or greater
  • Android4TV compliant platform
  • TIF compliant TV application

Getting Started

Getting the code

git clone

Compiling and installing

Under Linux:
gradlew build
gradlew installDebug

Under Windows:
gradlew.bat build
gradlew.bat installDebug

Note that before app is installed, you must be connected to a device using ADB.

LiveTv application

Google is providing a simple TIF compliant TV application with basic TV functionality (LiveTv). This example is tested and approved to work against LiveTv application.

To get and build LiveTv application, run the following command:
repo init -u -b android-live-tv
repo sync -c -j4
. build/
tapas LiveTv


License under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.

Change List

Initial version 1.3.51

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