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nikolavranic Android4TV Framework, version 3.1.0
- Version 3.1.x should be used to connect to Java Comedia Sercice
- Version 3.0.x should be uset to connect to Native TV player service

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Tested on Broadcom device with Android M.
Latest commit a3f4ae6 Sep 22, 2016


ANDROID4TV Java Library Repository

Android Java library (android4tv-framework-x.x.x.jar) contains classes and interfaces that needs to be imported by the applications, in order to use ANDROID4TV framework capabilities on the platform.

Add to Project:

	1. In main build.gradle add:
                   allprojects {
                        repositories {
                            maven {
                               url 'https://github.com/iWedia/repo/raw/master/';
	2. Add Dependecy where is needed:
                   dependencies {
                        compile group:'com.iwedia.dtv', name:'android4tv-framework', version:'x.x.x'