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Printator is a simple 3D printer simulator based on a subpart of Printrun.

At the time of writing this, the simulator in itself fits in 232 lines of Python code (as reported by sloccount). Most of the non-trivial things come from Printrun's gcoder and gcview modules, which respectively provide gcode parsing and the 3D viewer.


To use Printator, you will need:

  • python (ideally 2.6.x or 2.7.x),
  • pyserial (or python-serial on ubuntu/debian)
  • pyglet
  • argparse (installed by default with python >= 2.7)
  • wxPython
  • socat (external binary dependency, used to create virtual serial ports)

Initial setup

You first need to fetch Printrun through the git submodule mechanism:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Once this is done, you will just need to rerun the second command to update Printrun to the latest version when you want to.


Running Printator is as easy as

python2 printator.py

It will create a serial port with a random file name and start the simulator.

You can specify the serial port path with the -s option:

python2 printator.py -s `pwd`/sim

You can also disable delays (i.e. process gcode as fast as possible, without realistically waiting) using the -f option.

Known issues

  • Custom baudrates are not supported for serial-based communications. TCP support shouldn't have any speed limit, though.

Planned features

  • Checksum/line number verification
  • Computing an STL file from the print results
  • Temperature support