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Import your playlists to Google Play Music using simple JSON files.

This script will try to find the best match from Play Music "All Access" library for each track.

The file format is:

  "playlists": [{"title": "My Playlist 1",
                 "tracks": [{"title": "My Song 1",
                             "artist": "My Artist 12",
                             "album": "My Album 42"},
                            {"title": "Meh Song 2",
                {"title": "Mah Playlist 2",
                 "tracks": ...},

This script was initially crafted to work with a Deezer playlist exporter (


Usage is straightforward: python2 -u USERNAME playlists.json

You can use the --dry-run flag to only check the importability of the playlists (i.e. if there are good matches for all the tracks from the All Access library), and -v to increase verbosity.


We only depend on gmusicapi ( which can be easily installed by running pip install -r requirements.txt or pip install gmusicapi

Please note that as gmusicapi is not Python3 ready yet, this software is Python2 only for now, though its code in itself should be Python3-compliant.