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Mesa - The 3D Graphics Library


This repository lives at Other repositories are likely forks, and code found there is not supported.

Build & install

You can find more information in our documentation (docs/install.rst), but the recommended way is to use Meson (docs/meson.rst):

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ meson ..
$ sudo ninja install


Many Mesa devs hang on IRC; if you're not sure which channel is appropriate, you should ask your question on OFTC's #dri-devel, someone will redirect you if necessary. Remember that not everyone is in the same timezone as you, so it might take a while before someone qualified sees your question. To figure out who you're talking to, or which nick to ping for your question, check out Who's Who on IRC.

The next best option is to ask your question in an email to the mailing lists:

Bug reports

If you think something isn't working properly, please file a bug report (docs/bugs.rst).


Contributions are welcome, and step-by-step instructions can be found in our documentation (docs/submittingpatches.rst).

Note that Mesa uses gitlab for patches submission, review and discussions.


  • C 76.7%
  • C++ 18.2%
  • Python 2.3%
  • Assembly 1.4%
  • Meson 0.7%
  • Yacc 0.3%
  • Other 0.4%