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Simple text editor that lets you write Shadertoy shaders more comfortably, anytime, anywhere.
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ShaderBoy is a simple text editor that lets you write Shadertoy shaders more comfortably, anytime, anywhere. I like writing shaders for Shadertoy, or analyzing other people's esoteric shaders, and I created this especially because I wanted to do that on my smartphone. Whether you're traveling by train or plane, staying in the toilet, fishing or camping, you can write a shader anywhere and anytime. Your power to go.

There are PC version and smartphone version. Both allow you to write shaders with the same variable/function name as Shadertoy. On the PC version, you can fine-tune your shaders with a rich debugging GUI. It also has a recording mode so you can easily save your shader as a movie. The smartphone version consists of a minimal GUI element that assumes the use of a physical keyboards, with a small screen as much coding space as possible.

ShaderBoy uses Google Drive to store your shaders. From any device on which you log in with your Google account, you can continue coding the shader that you last edited.

Enjoy ShaderBoy!

This is not an official Shadertoy application.
Bug reports, feature requests, and 🍺 are welcome.
*iOS ver is WIP. There are many bugs yet. (especially Keymaps, CSS)


ShaderBoy is a PWA(Progressive Web Apps).
You can install the app from here.

*Howto: Install Progressive Web App (PWA) natively on Windows/macOS via Chrome Browser



Smartphone Windows Mac
Play/Pause ⌥+UP ⌥+UP ⌥+UP
Reset time ⌥+DOWN ⌥+DOWN ⌥+DOWN
Move to neighbor buffer ⌥+LEFT/RIGHT ⌥+LEFT/RIGHT ⌥+LEFT/RIGHT
Search ctrl+F ctrl+F ⌘+F
Replace ctrl+H ctrl+H ⌘+H
Resolution ctrl+1-4 ctrl+1-4 ctrl+1-4
Font size ctrl+-/+ ctrl+⇧+⌥+-/+ ⌘+⇧+⌥+-/+
Hide/Show WebGL canvas ctrl+⇧+⌥+V ctrl+⇧+⌥+V ⌘+⇧+⌥+V
Hide/Show Code & All GUIs ctrl+⇧+⌥+H ctrl+⇧+⌥+H ⌘+⇧+⌥+H
Hide/Show Timeline --- ctrl+⇧+⌥+T ⌘+⇧+⌥+T
Hide/Show Knobs GUI --- ctrl+⇧+⌥+D ⌘+⇧+⌥+D
Hide/Show iChannel GUI ctrl+⇧+⌥+A ctrl+⇧+⌥+A ⌘+⇧+⌥+A
Hide/Show Recording GUI --- ctrl+⇧+⌥+R ⌘+⇧+⌥+R
Create a new shader ctrl+⇧+⌥+N ctrl+⇧+⌥+N ctrl+⇧+⌥+N
Fork a shader ctrl+⇧+⌥+F ctrl+⇧+⌥+F ⌘+⇧+⌥+F
Save shader files ctrl+S ctrl +S ⌘+S
Open shader list ctrl+O ctrl+O ⌘+O
Mute/Unmute sound ctrl+M ctrl+M ⌥+M
Switch header info(FPS/shader name) ctrl+I ctrl+I ⌥+I
*And some of Sublime Text bindings by Codemirror.



  • Shadertoy uniform variables
  • Multipass shader
  • Sound shader
  • Cubemap shader
  • Display number of chars
  • Official assets(textures)
  • VR
  • Display compilation time
  • Official assets

Supported Shadertoy Uniforms

  • uniform vec3 iResolution; // viewport resolution (in pixels)
  • uniform float iTime; // shader playback time (in seconds)
  • uniform float iTimeDelta; // render time (in seconds)
  • uniform int iFrame; // shader playback frame
  • uniform float iFrameRate; // number of frames rendered per second
  • uniform vec4 iDate; // (year, month, day, time in seconds)
  • uniform vec4 iMouse; // mouse pixel coords. xy: current (if MLB down), zw: click
  • uniform float iChannelTime[4]; // channel playback time (in seconds)
  • uniform vec3 iChannelResolution[4]; // channel resolution (in pixels)
  • uniform samplerXX iChannel0..3; // input channel. XX = 2D/Cube
  • uniform float iSampleRate; // sound sample rate (i.e., 44100)

GUI/other usefuls


  • GoogleDrive
  • Export Image shader(WebM/PNG/JPG/GIF)
  • Export Sound shader(WAV)
  • Witout Google account(Trial mode)
  • Syntax highlight

Build Your ShaderBoy

Install dependencies

If you want have your own ShaderBoy,
Clone this repo and install dependencies.

$ npm install


You then set up a local host for development.

$ npm start

or to build,

$ npm run build


And upload files in "dest" directory to your server.
That's it! Good luck!


ShaderBoy depends on some awesome js libralies.
tested with jest




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