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Map local files to URLs and preview them in browser (Sublime Text editor plugin)
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Preview is a Sublime Text 2/3 plugin that maps your local project files to URLs and opens them in your browser for preview.

Installation for Sublime Text 2

  • Install 'Package Control', then search for 'Preview' and install

Installation for Sublime Text 3

  • In Sublime Text 3, go to Preferences > Browse Packages, create a folder called Preview there and put the contents of the repo in this folder

Initial setup

Edit plugin settings (Preferences > Package Settings > Preview > Settings — User) and provide mapping rules, like this:

    "rules": [
        // prohibit previewing local files (i.e. files that don't match any rule)
            "url": ""

        // allow opening local .htm, .html and .xhtml in browser
            "path_suffix": ".htm",
            "url_prefix": "file:///"
            "path_suffix": ".html",
            "url_prefix": "file:///"
            "path_suffix": ".xhtml",
            "url_prefix": "file:///"

        // sample website
            // for all files matching the path_prefix, construct URL using url_prefix
            "path_prefix": "C:/Work/www/",
            "url_prefix": "http://localhost/",
            // append this string to all URLs
            "url_append": "?debug"
            // files in /inc/ subdirectory can't be previewed directly, so just open the root URL
            "path_prefix": "C:/Work/www/inc/",
            "url": "http://localhost/"
            // when editing .htaccess files, just open the containing folder
            "path_prefix": "C:/Work/www/inc/",
            "path_suffix": "/.htaccess",
            "url_prefix": "http://localhost/",
            "url_suffix": "/"

In addition to matching files by path_prefix and replacing this with url_prefix, you can also define path_suffix (for example, a file extension) and replace it with url_suffix. If url_suffix is not defined, then path_suffix will not be removed from a final URL.

In contrast to url_suffix, an optional url_append parameter allows to add some text to an end of the URL without having the matching path_suffix replaced.

path_prefix and path_suffix are case-sensitive. Mind the trailing slashes. Under Windows, you can use both \\ and / as path delimiters.

Rules are applied top to bottom. If file path matches several rules, the last rule is used. You can use this to define mapping overrides.


Pressing F12 will map current file to an URL and open this URL in your default browser. If no rule is matched, the file will be opened locally as file:///... in a program associated with this file extension (not necessarily a browser).

Version 1.1

Added compatibility with Sublime Text 3

Version 1.0

Initial release

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