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Basic domain configuration wrapper & verifier
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Basic domain configuration wrapper & verifier. Allows one to verify whether domain is configured correctly for sending emails under its name. Built on top of ruby's built-in Resolv.

domain ="")

# IP
domain.ip                     # => ""

# PTR record validation
domain.ptr.value              # => ""
domain.ptr.present?           # => true
domain.ptr.valid?             # => true, domain's ip resolves to itself

# Extracting SPF record
domain.spf.value              # => v=spf1 a mx
domain.spf.present?           # => true

# Extracting DKIM public key
domain.dkim("_key").value     # => v=DKIM1...
domain.dkim("_key").present?  # => true

# Extracting DKIM record with defaut name usually generated by dkim-filter
domain.default_dkim.value     # => v=DKIM1...

All values are lazy evaluated and cached on instance level after the first call so subsequent calls will not issue network requests.

For more advanced things I recommend to go with dnsruby.

Igor Afonov 2012 MIT License

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