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Web-based GUI

Nordlys is shipped with a web-based graphical user interface, which is built on the Nordlys API. It is a wrapper for all functionalities provided by Nordlys toolkit and can be used, e.g., to perform user studies on result presentation.

The implementation of the Web interface is based on Flask and Bootstrap. Below we describe the functionalities provided by the excerpts from the Web GUI with their interface.


The interface can be accessed via:

Entity search

The entity search tab provides a ranked list of entities in response to an entity-bearing query. We generate the results by calling the Entity retrieval service of our API; e.g.,

By clicking on each result, we present an entity card, containing the factual summary of the entity and an image. We use the entity catalog (EC) service to generate these cards.


Nordlys Web interface - Entity Search

Entity linking in queries

For entity linking in queries, we use the baseline CMNS method, with threshold 0.1. For example, we make the following call to the entity linking service of our API:

Nordlys Web interface - Entity Linking

Target Type Identification

For target type identification, we employ the type centric method; e.g.,

Nordlys Web interface - Target Type Identification


For detailed information about our API calls, see :doc:`api_usage`