EntiTables: Smart Assistance for Entity-Focused Tables - SIGIR'17
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This repository provides reources developed within the following paper:

S. Zhang and K. Balog. EntiTables: Smart Assistance for Entity-Focused Tables. - SIGIR'17

This study is an effort aimed at reproducing the result presented in the Smart table paper.

This repository is structured as follows:

  • Data: This folder has the table id files, and will be updated late on!
  • Population: All the core evaluation of population tasks are provided here.
  • Output: The output files can only be requested by email now.


The data we used are public data sets:


[NOTE] We are using elastic 2 ( > 2.3), elasticsearch 5 will encounter some minor problems with elastic.py wrapper. To score the column labels, we need to build a table index with multiple fields using elasticsearch. An exmaple indexer is provided for indexing. Index your table corpus data following this example and start your population:)


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If you have any question, please contact Shuo Zhang at shuo.zhang@uis.no or Krisztian Balog at krisztian.balog@uis.no