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rankings Update May 7, 2018

Ad Hoc Table Retrieval using Semantic Similarity

This repository contains resources developed within the following paper:

S. Zhang and K. Balog. Ad Hoc Table Retrieval using Semantic Similarity. In: Proceedings of the Web Conference 2018 (WWW '18), April 2018.

Test collection

The table corpus is WikiTables, which comprises 1.6M tables extracted from Wikipedia. We proproceeed it and make it public downloadable here.

The data/queries.txt file contains the search queries. Queries #1-#30 queries constitute Query subset 1 (QS-1), queries #31-#60 constitute Query subset 2 (QS-2).

The data/qrels.txt file contains the relevance assessments (in TREC qrels format).

Methods and results

The rankings/ folder contains the table rankings generated by the various methods (in TREC runfile format).

Method Runfile NDCG@5 NDCG@10 NDCG@15 NDCG@20
Single-field document ranking single_field.txt 0.4770 0.4860 0.5170 0.5473
Multi-field document ranking multi_field.txt 0.4344 0.4586 0.4924 0.5254
WebTable WebTable.txt 0.2831 0.2992 0.3311 0.3726
WikiTable WikiTable.txt 0.4903 0.4766 0.5062 0.5206
LTR LTR.txt 0.5527 0.5456 0.5738 0.6031
STR STR.txt 0.5951 0.6293 0.6590 0.6825

The evaluation scores are reported using trec_eval.


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If you have any questions, please contact Shuo Zhang at