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Basic named scopes for ActiveRecord makes all find-parameters a named scope

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Basic named scopes for ActiveRecord. Propagates the parameters of the find-method as named scopes, for easy reusability and prettier code.

Instead of writing:

Post.all(:conditions => { :published => true }, :select => :title, :include => :author)

You can now write:

Post.conditions(:published => true).select(:title).with(:author)

All named scopes are called the same, except for include, which is now called with, because include is a reserved method.

Also, the scope conditions is aliased as where, just as in ActiveRecord 3.

Reuse them by making class methods:

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base

  def self.published
    conditions(:published => true)

  def self.visible
    conditions(:visible => true)

  def self.index


Also, the all-method is a named scope now, so you can chain after callling all, for greater flexibility.


Arrays can be used as multple parameters too, sparing you some brackets.

Post.with(:author, :comments).conditions("name LIKE ?", query)

The read_only and lock scopes default to true, but can be adjusted.

Post.readonly         # => same as Post.all(:readonly => true)
Post.readonly(false)  # => same as Post.all(:readonly => false)


NamedScopes are really handy and they should play a more central theme in ActiveRecord. While I heard that ActiveRecord 3 will support similar syntax, there is no reason to wait any longer.

I find defining named scopes very ugly, especially when dealing with parameters. Just compare the amount of curly braces!

# Using normal named scope:
named_scope :name_like, lambda { |query| { :conditions => ["name LIKE ?", query] } }

# Using BasicNamedScopes
def self.name_like(query)
  conditions("name LIKE ?", query)

Also, regular named scopes don't support using other named scopes at all!

I found myself implementing (mostly conditions, but others too) so often, that a little gem like this would be the obvious choice. Use it if a gem like searchlogic is overkill for your needs.


The gem is called “basic_named_scopes”. You know how to install it.

gem install basic_named_scopes

Use it in Rails:

config.gem "basic_named_scopes"


Copyright © 2009 Iain Hecker. Released under the MIT License.

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