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These are some scripts I hacked together to work with CoffeeScript.

This is a first draft. Your mileage may vary.


  • You'll need Ruby 1.9.2. Using RVM is advised.

  • You can make a submodule to this in your own project:

    git submodule add vendor/coffee-machine
    git submodule update --init
  • Create a file called Thorfile and add:

    load File.expand_path('../vendor/coffee-machine/thor.rb', __FILE__)
  • Create a file called Gemfile and add the contents of the Gemfile in this repository.

  • Install the dependencies:

    gem install bundler
    bundle install


Compiling is done according to naming conventions. This is not yet configurable.

Loose scripts are expected to be in src/ and are compiled to public/myscript.js.

Any coffee files in subdirectories and are concatinated. So src/mymodule/*.coffee are compiled into public/mymodule.js

To compile everything run:

thor coffee:compile

You can compile loose files too:

thor coffee:compile src/

Start a watcher, to compile whenever you save a file:

thor coffee:watch


Using the AutoRefresh gem, everytime you change a file in the public directory, the browser will reload. You need to add some scripts to your page, so be sure to checkout the documentation.

(c) Iain Hecker, 2011. Released under the MIT-License. Look it up yourself.