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@@ -11,23 +11,35 @@ First, clone this repository.
To make things easier, I've included a script to get you up and runnig.
-### Locally
+### Ubuntu
-If you're running on Ubuntu, simply run ``.
+If you're running on Ubuntu, simply run:
-If you're on mac, make sure you have the proper compile tools, git, python and curl before running
+ ./
+### OS X
+You'll need development headers (through Xcode), python and curl.
+If you're using Homebrew, it's probably best to install Node.js via that.
+ brew install node
+After that, resume normal installation:
+ ./
### In a Virtual Machine
-If you're running Windows, or don't want to change your local installation,
-install VirtualBox and Ruby, and run:
+I've also included possibility to install it in a VM.
+Install [Ruby]( and [VirtualBox](, then
gem install vagrant
vagrant up
This will take a lot of time the first time, because it will download Linux and compile Node.js.
-You can easily drink a pot of coffee while you wait. (har har har)
Login to your freshly created VM:
@@ -52,4 +64,4 @@ So the example specs (to see if everything installed correctly):
jasmine-node --coffee example
-It has one passing spec and one failing spec.
+It has one passing spec and one failing spec. Try fixing it as a first exercise.

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