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Feature: Rails Integration
To use http_accept_language inside a Rails application, just add it to your
Gemfile and run `bundle install`.
It is automatically added to your middleware.
Scenario: Installing
When I generate a new Rails app
And I add http_accept_language to my Gemfile
And I run `rake middleware`
Then the output should contain "use HttpAcceptLanguage::Middleware"
Scenario: Using
Given I have installed http_accept_language
When I generate the following controller:
class LanguagesController < ApplicationController
def index
languages = http_accept_language.user_preferred_languages
render :text => "Languages: #{languages.join(' : ')}"
When I access that action with the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header "en-us,en-gb;q=0.8,en;q=0.6,es-419"
Then the response should contain "Languages: en-US : es-419 : en-GB : en"