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+## Available methods
+* **user_preferred_languages**:
+ Returns a sorted array based on user preference in HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE, sanitized and all.
+* **preferred_language_from**:
+ Finds the locale specifically requested by the browser
+* **compatible_language_from**:
+ Returns the first of the user_preferred_languages that is compatible with the available locales.
+ Ignores region.
+* **sanitize_available_locales**:
+ Returns a supplied list of available locals without any extra application info
+ that may be attached to the locale for storage in the application.
+* **language_region_compatible_from**:
+ Returns the first of the user preferred languages that is
+ also found in available languages. Finds best fit by matching on
+ primary language first and secondarily on region. If no matching region is
+ found, return the first language in the group matching that primary language.
## Installation

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