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MetricFu is awesome! Metrical strives to make it a little bit easier to get working.
-* Don't make MetricFu or any metrics part of the dependencies of your project;
- so you don't need to add anything to your Gemfile.
+## Features
-* You can run MetricFu in any project:
+### Metrical doesn't intrude on your project
- $ gem install metrical
- $ cd /path/of/your/project
- $ metrical
+Metrical makes it easy to run MetricFu without making it a project dependency. Bundler requires
+that everything you need go inside the Gemfile. MetricFu is rather big project with a ton of
+dependencies. Including that inside your Gemfile just clutters it up.
-* Per project configuration can be done in a simple `.metrics` file in the
- root directory of your project. In here you can configure MetricFu as you
- normally would. Example:
+Also, MetricFu wants to be installed inside your Rakefile. With Metrical, you can configure MetricFu
+in a separate file, `.metrics` in the root of your project.
- do |config|
- config.metrics -= [ :rcov ]
- end
+### Cleverer defaults
+Normally, RCov would work on a black-listing basis. This means that your coverage reports would
+occasionally be flooded with code outside your project. No longer, because the default is now to
+exclude everything and only include your `lib` and `app` directories. It also fixes some issues with
+loading RSpec.
+## Usage
+ gem install metrical
+ metrical
+## Configuration
+You can configure MetricFu in a `.metrics` file in the root of your project.
+ do |config|
+ config.metrics -= [ :rcov ]
+ end
For more information on configuring your metrics, please visit the
-[MetricFu homepage]( Any configuration options
-you see there can be done in the `.metrics` file.
+[MetricFu homepage](
And that's all there is too it. If you have any suggestions, ideas or bug fixes,
please drop me a line, or make a github issue.
+## Known issues
+### RCov and Ruby 1.9
+RCov doesn't work with Ruby 1.9. You should use something like
+[SimpleCov]( Unfortunately, it hasn't been included into
+MetricFu yet. Until then, make sure to remove RCov from MetricFu, as the example above shows.
+### New syntax in Ruby 1.9
+Most metrics can't cope with the new syntax in Ruby 1.9. There is nothing I can do about that, or
+the creator of these metrics, because the root lie in the code parser they use. Either don't use the
+new syntax or exclude these metrics in your `.metrics` file.
+### Roodi vs. Psych
+If you're running Ruby 1.9 with Psych as your default YAML parser (possible in 1.9.2, and the
+default in 1.9.3), you might get an error message. I have no clue what to do about it. Some help on
+this would be greatly appreciated.
+### Gem dependency issues
+Metrical depends on a lot of other gems. Not all gem authors adhere to guidelines such as
+[SemVer]( This means that sometimes, when a new version of a gem is released,
+things break. I try to fix the issues I come across inside Metrical, by making a dependency of a
+dependency a fixed dependency of Metrical. It's difficult to do this right.
+If you get a message like `can't activate X, already activated Y`, or something similar. Please
+report it in Github issues. Please include the entire error message and the output of `gem list` and
+the version of Ruby you are using.
Copyright 2010-2011, [Iain Hecker]( - Released under the MIT License.

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