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Feature: Usage
Because I want to save time figuring out which tests have failed,
I can specify to always use the smart formatter
So it will choose the best possible formatter for me.
To install the smart formatter, add it to your Gemfile
and add it to your '.rspec' file.
Given I have installed the smart formatter
Scenario: Running only a couple of specs
With a couple of specs, it's easier to use the documentation formatter.
It allowes you to see in relation to other specs, which specs failed.
I'm guessing about 20 specs is the maximum for documentation to be readable.
When I run only a couple of specs
Then I should see the documentation output
Scenario: Running a lot of specs
Wit a lot of specs, you'd want a shorter output.
Since we cannot be sure you have something fancy like Fuubar installed,
it will use the progress formatter.
Given I don't have any special formatters installed
When I run a lot of specs
Then I should see the progress output
Scenario: With Fuubar installed
If you have Fuubar installed, this will be preferred over the progress formatter
Given I have installed Fuubar
When I run a lot of specs
Then I should see the Fuubar output