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%title Simple Backend Example
= stylesheet_link_tag "backend"
= javascript_include_tag "backend"
= csrf_meta_tag
= link_to "Simple Backend Example", backend_root_path, :class => "brand"
%ul.nav link_to "Home", "#"
%li= link_to "Products", backend_products_path
%li= link_to "Widgets", backend_widgets_path
= yield :header
- if flash[:alert]
%p= flash[:alert]
- if flash[:notice]
%p= flash[:notice]
= yield
= yield :sidebar
%h4 Simple Backend Example
%p This is an example of creating your own backend in Rails 3.1.
Learn more about it on
= link_to "", ""
or find the source on
= link_to "github", ""
%p Copyright © #{} Iain Hecker.