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Status Cats

Rack middleware replacing responses with relevant pictures of cats, based on the status code.

The pictures are made/collected by girliemac on Flickr

There is also an apache module.



gem install status_cats

Place inside your rackup file:

require 'status_cats'
use StatusCats

This will also replace valid responses, even 200, basically making your application useless.

You can manage which status codes should be replaced with cats, by using the :only and :except options, which take arrays or ranges.

use StatusCats, :only => [ 403, 404, 500 ]

# or ...

use StatusCats, :except => 200...300


Install dependencies:

bundle install

Run tests:


You can run the demo application:

bundle exec rackup

The application will trigger the response code depending on the path you visit, so visiting http://localhost:9292/418 will respond with a teapot.

Known issues

Status code 100 (Continue) cannot have a response body. Triggering it will cause Rack to throw up.


The Ruby code in this project is released under the MIT License.

The pictures of cats are by Flickr user girliemac, released under this Creative Commons License.