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Stots is a dashboard that combines activity on different services into one nice dashboard.


Show overviews of activity on different services per project

We use a lot of different services for developing software. Like Github for our source code, Pivotal Tracker for our project management, Airbrake for error tracking and so on. These services are perfect at what they do and we love them to bits.

But it can be a bit confusing some times. We have so many websites to keep track of, it's no wonder that we sometimes lose sight of some messages. Stots helps you centralize everything in one place. You'll still need to visit those services to do actual work, but you'll know you have to, by looking at Stots.

Visualize activity in insightful ways

Do you have the feeling that you're rushing at the end of iterations to get things done? Did you increase the amount of errors since you switched some library? These patterns are hard to see when all you see is long lists.

Stots will try to visualize multiple aspects of building software and combine them in instersting ways. Now you can see how one thing influences the other.

Plugin architecture to add new services

New services are coming and going regularly. Stots uses the power of Rails engines to add new features and new services in a snap.

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