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open_cdxalloc is an open implementation of the libcedarxalloc.a library for the allwinner a10 video decoder

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Fix word alignment when assigning space

Improve debugging statements
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Iain Bullard authored July 05, 2012
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open cdxalloc

This is a work in progress reverse engineering effort of libcederxalloc.a library which is used to manage memory allocated to the cedarx video decoder chip found in Allwinner A10 devices.

This library also aims to help in reverse engineering the cedarx video video decoder chip.


Currently this library is not quality code, there are many things missing. It is the bare minimum required for the sample code from the [allwinner-a10-video] ( repository to work (at least as well as the bundled libcedarxalloc.a).

I have developed and tested this code on an Mele A1000 A10 device running 3.0.31 linux kernel with Debian squeeze as per the [instructions here] (


* proper management of memory (rather than just working through the available memory).
* free/ close down
* locking to allow for multi-threaded use
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