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import time
import pickle
import yajl
import cjson
except ImportError:
cjson = None
import simplejson
except ImportError:
simplejson = None
import json
except ImportError:
json = None
default_data = {
"name": "Foo",
"type": "Bar",
"count": 1,
"info": {
"x": 203,
"y": 102,},}
def ttt(f, data=None, x=100*1000):
start = time.time()
while x:
x -= 1
foo = f(data)
return time.time()-start
def profile(serial, deserial, data=None, x=100*1000):
if not data:
data = default_data
squashed = serial(data)
return (ttt(serial, data, x), ttt(deserial, squashed, x))
def test(serial, deserial, data=None):
if not data:
data = default_data
assert deserial(serial(data)) == data
contenders = [
('yajl', (yajl.Encoder().encode, yajl.Decoder().decode)),
if cjson:
contenders.append(('cjson', (cjson.encode, cjson.decode)))
if simplejson:
contenders.append(('simplejson', (simplejson.dumps, simplejson.loads)))
if json:
contenders.append(('stdlib json', (json.dumps, json.loads)))
for name, args in contenders:
x, y = profile(*args)
print("%-11s serialize: %0.3f deserialize: %0.3f total: %0.3f" % (
name, x, y, x+y))
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